The Twilight Saga Movies

The movie industry has seen a multitude of film sagas in recent decades. Hollywood finds many sources for its films in literature. The Twilight Saga movies are a perfect example of this. A good book can lead to a successful motion picture version of the story.

The Twilight Saga is the latest film franchise to have the spotlight. On 30th June, Summit Entertainment will release its next film, Eclipse, in this series. One of the questions circling among fans on the Internet is whether or not the final book of the series, Breaking Dawn, will be broken up into at least two films.

Large movie production companies are splitting up popular works of fiction into multiple films. Such is the case with the final installment of the Harry Potter series. Possibly the most successful film franchise ever based on literature, the final Harry Potter novel will be released in several parts as well.

Many people might like to see such series continue on. The Twilight saga itself is laced with subplots and characters that could possibly be used to produce successful spin-off films and other franchises.

Twilight Saga author, Stephanie Meyer, has already written several spin-off novels that deal with main characters of the films. Some of them spend more time on lesser characters that only make a brief appearance in the novels and films.

Statistically speaking, young adults make up the largest percentage of the theater-going population. Like Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga centers on young adults in its novels. The main character is an attractive young teenager who is dealing with adolescence and growing up in a single parent household. Hollywood knows this, and by adapting these novels into major motion pictures, it is betting on the connection the story will have with its young adult audience.

There are many film franchises in Hollywood; not all of them are based on literature. Star Trek is one of the longest running film franchises ever. Most recently, Hollywood produced a prequel to the first film that examines some of the main characters in the series when they were much younger. Some might argue that this is another growing trend in Hollywood. The idea is that rebooting a dying franchise can be profitable. The recent reboot of Star Trek turned out to be profitable and gained a lot of critical success as well.

As in any industry, businesses are faced with the question of how to make more money and grow the company. As of now, the Twilight Saga films released have proved to be a very successful business decision. Whether the remaining films currently in production are successful or not, there are story lines within the Twilight saga that Hollywood may wish to adapt into major motion pictures.

The Twilight Saga fan base has grown considerably. As in the case of Star Trek, there are conventions every year where such fans can get together and share their interest in the material. There are already several websites devoted to the Twilight fans. In fact, there is a traveling convention that tours the United States this year. With a growing fan base, there may be no limit to the number of books or films that can be produced in the years to come.

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