Lake Hubbard Fishing

A quick 30 minutes from downtown Dallas Texas, one can enjoy a weekend of Lake Hubbard fishing. Lake Hubbard, officially known as Lake Ray Hubbard and formally known as Forney Reservoir is one of many fresh water lakes in Texas. It was named after Ray Hubbard, a former president of the Dallas Park and Recreation System. Lake Hubbard encompasses four different counties: Dallas, Collin, Kaufman, and Rockwall and is strictly for fishing and boating lake. You will see many powerboats, sail boats water skiing, jet skis and wake boarding but what you will not find will be beaches. Swimming is not permitted on Lake Hubbard. The majority of Lake Hubbard shorelines are privately owned.

Measuring in at over 22,000 acres, Lake Hubbard is known for its outstanding bass fishing amongst other game fish as well. It supports a nice variety of game fish in its waters fertile with crawfish and baitfish, some of the favorite meals of bass and other game fish. The deepest point in Lake Hubbard is 40 feet, home to vast amounts striped, white and largemouth bass, channel, and blue catfish, and white crappie. There are several marinas around Lake Hubbard and a few locations where one could grill their catch.

Hydrilla, an invasive aquatic plant is common in several areas of the lake. This can sometimes interfere with fishing in Lake Hubbard but the grass carp feed off the hydrilla and makes for nice nesting grounds for game fish. Nevertheless, hydrilla can make Lake Hubbard fishing sometimes difficult in navigating around this invasive aquatic plant. The City of Dallas has continued their efforts at keeping the hydrilla under control.

The most sought after fish in Lake Hubbard are the hybrid striped bass and blue cat. With the hydrilla and other submersed vegetations, the angling opportunities for large mouth bass have increased. That does not exclude the other game fish though that is still abundant. There are plenty of rocky embankments that make for great bass fishing. The standing and downed timbers make for fantastic channel cat fishing.

On the west side of I-30, where heated water is discharged into the lake, one will find as another great location Lake Hubbard fishing. For the hybrids and white bass, hit the humps and points of the lake, for large mouth bass navigate the vegetation or rocky embankments. The best water temperature for the largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass is around 69 degrees. The baitfish is more active and you will find the largemouth on a feeding frenzy. You will be sure to find the mother load of crappies and white bass in the lower park of the lake in the summer or around submerged brush and timber. The trip is worth the catch at Hubbard Lake and will keep you coming back for many years.

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