Theme Parks

The Magic Kingdom continues to remain the undisputed king of Theme Parks, drawing more yearly visitors than any other. Each land is themed to its appropriate title and maintaining that theme is paramount to the parks operation. One of these parks strengths is the cross-generational appeal of many of its better attractions.


Fantasyland is the quintessential fairytale experience with castles, princesses, pixies and boys who won’t grow up. Fantasyland is one of the sections of the theme park Disney Magic Kingdom that you will not want to miss out on. Pooh’s Playful Spot, a mini-play area located on the site of the former 20,000 Leagues under the Sea attraction in Fantasyland, opened September 1, 2005. While most areas are on the 2nd floor, Fantasyland is on the 3rd floor. If you notice while in the park you will see how Fantasyland and the castle are higher.

Magic Kingdom’s first floor has all the access roads for the Cast Members (employees) and service vehicles, the “tunnels” or Utilidors, the AVAC, service rooms, wardrobe and costuming, male and female locker rooms, offices, storage, kitchens, break rooms, two employee cafeterias, including the Fantasyland Dining Room, Kingdom Kutters, a Fire Prevention Center, Studio “D” and many of the support departments for the Magic Kingdom.

The Fantasyland Dining Room and restrooms are to the left. After taking “The Great Bus Ride,” you end up at the main tunnel entrance underneath the Pinocchio’s Village Haus right next to Fantasy Fair and Small World in Fantasyland. It goes from the tunnels and comes out in the tunnel that visitors pass through to get to Fantasyland. As you can see, there are a number of different attractions which can be found in Fantasyland that you will be bound to enjoy.


Mickey’s Toontown Fair is THE place to meet Mickey, Minnie and the gang up close and in person. The tunnels connect all of the theme areas in the Magic Kingdom, except for Mickey’s Toontown Fair since it was added much later to the Magic Kingdom. Disney chairman and CEO Michael Eisner with Mickey Mouse (AP) Disney’s Michael Eisner have gone from hero to villain in a real-life story of large egos and fierce corporate wrangling. Mickey’s Birthday land was created in 1988 to honor Mickey Mouse’s 60th birthday, and eventually changed its name to Mickey’s Starland in 1990.

The Walt Disney World Railroad runs along the perimeter of the park and makes stops at Main Street, Frontierland, and Mickey’s Toontown Fair. A ‘spin-off’ from Toontown at Disneyland, this area is the location of Mickey’s and Minnie’s houses, Donald’s tugboat, and a county fair tent. It stars Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other this rollicking; frolicking 3-D “sym-funny” of surprises is guaranteed to delight the whole family.

Most spectacular of all Disney’s parks are the parades and fireworks displayed at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Opened in 1971, the venerable theme park has withstood more than three decades of changing cultures, a constantly shifting social climate, and an explosion of technology that has left lesser places outdated and obsolete.

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